Fragments of You

I thought I was done with you;

I was over with the idea of our ‘toxicity’;

But, I found you;

Fragments of you;

Lurking in the corners of my mails;

Holding on to your tight spot in my favourite song;

The shadow of your fragments at my favourite haunt;

In the light of the new day’s sun;

In the grainy sand particles never visited;

In old and forgotten words;

In stories that never saw the light of the day;

In pictures never taken;

In sunsets never enjoyed;

In sunrises never experienced;

On hills never climbed;

During leaps of faith taken alone;

Maybe you were never there;

Maybe you were;

Maybe it was your idea;

Maybe it was me;

Finding something in nothing.


Find Yourself

Find Yourself
Find yourself on the roads that call out to you,
Find yourself in the cracks,
Because of a heart break,
A nightmare,
A tough moment.
Find yourself,
Find yourself when light seems bleak,
Find yourself when backs are turned on you,
Find yourself in the words that resonate with you,
Find yourself in the lines curved for you,
Find yourself when deceit seems to be the order of the day,
Find yourself when fake promises tempt you,
Find yourself when the universe is running its course,
Parallel or opposite to your wishes,
Find your shine,
Find your light,
You will find yourself.