Free writing

Sometimes, I am really glad that this blog is not too popular. I can come here once in a while, and write what I feel like without any worry. No one will really judge me. In the present world, the concept of space is fading. With social media becoming an important part of our live, there is nothing that is really private. Ironically, this blog post is far from private.

I miss my Dad, so much that some days I feel my heart might just burst holding those kind of tears. I have not cried in a very long time, and even if I am in some situation, the tears just show up and never fall. I am on the verge of making an important decision, and today I felt that what if dad was here. He would have guided me and said to go ahead without any fear, and that he will always have my back.

I called up my mom, and she is not too aware about these things. She told me that end of the day, it is my call.

And at that point, I felt this yearn to hear my dad’s voice. After a point when your decisions are not taking you anywhere, your confidence to take decisions continues to reduce. There are days when I have tried to not let this misery consume me. I have been successful and on days like these, I have again hid myself behind my words.



Narain could not stop crying. Pa had tried his level best to appease his tears. Funny faces, favourite food and cartoons but to no avail. He remained stroppy as ever. An exasperated look, Pa was about to give up. A chance glimpse on the photo frame gave him a divine intervention. Cradling Narain on his laps, Pa sat in front of her photograph. The warm smile and the love filled eyes could not miss his attention. Slowly, the tears gave way to an angelic expression on Narain’s face. It seemed mothers had their way even from heaven.