Her screams could not stop haunting him,

Being in solitude was his hell,

Her visions kept fading in and out in front of his eyes,

 Memories of his barbaric self,

Had caused sleep also to turn its face away from him,

 He had used an iron rod to test her fortitude,

She kept fighting till the last second,

Only to be welcomed like a warrior in a better world,

Away from this one that couldn’t do much for her,

That just prisoned her tormentor,

 Till he got an easy death,

Unlike hers.




“Put your lips there”, he said in a tone that sent a chill down her spine. In her 5 years of life, she had never been this petrified. Her mother had told her that money was important to survive. It was this voice that had cuittled its way into making her lose her innocence.

R for ….

She was excited. First day at preschool, she already felt like a big girl. Mother had made her breakfast and her uniform looked crisp and neat. Ready for her big day, tiny steps trotted eagerly towards the school gate.

He was staring at her from across the window. He just wanted her. The thrill and the high were infectious.

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