Happily never after

You stood on our threshold,

Without so much of a word,

You crept in with such ease,

Through age old stories,

Through age old customs,

Along with your age old buddy,

Along with your age old lover,

You formed a triumvirate,

To give us triple the misery.

Your claws spread everywhere,

They poisoned our happiness,

You showed us our place,

Forgetting that you were the intruder

In our lives.

Not content at clipping our wings,

And deriving a sadistic pleasure,

In your excessive time with us,

Your lover went a step ahead,

And chose to take the little that belonged to us.

You called it a new identity,

We called it a forced one.

Of sacred altars and garlands, it was not a new life.

It was the end of an old and delightful one,

Just as per the wishes of everyone,

Except us.


Evince (2)

They were a perfect couple. He brought her flowers. She cooked him delicious meals. He gave her gifts. She gave him all her time. In bed, he made her desires come true. She gave him more than her heart. He too went out of his way and gave her scars that evinced her story of trauma and fear.