Narain could not stop crying. Pa had tried his level best to appease his tears. Funny faces, favourite food and cartoons but to no avail. He remained stroppy as ever. An exasperated look, Pa was about to give up. A chance glimpse on the photo frame gave him a divine intervention. Cradling Narain on his laps, Pa sat in front of her photograph. The warm smile and the love filled eyes could not miss his attention. Slowly, the tears gave way to an angelic expression on Narain’s face. It seemed mothers had their way even from heaven.



“ You have to come with me now”, said he.

“ I told you, I still have to do some more things here”, said she.

“ But, what about my duties”, said he.

“ Come on, you have to buy me some more time. The end result will be worth it. Trust me”, said she.

“ You know I am answerable to my boss”, said he.

“ I know, but I will talk to him. He has always adored me. I know that”, she said with a mischievious glint.

This conversation went on for many years. He tried to wangle his way out, but she was firm on her decision. In front of her adorableness, even he had to bend.

Until one day, she finally said, “ It’s time!”

Finally, the angel was able to convince Zohra Sehgal to come to heaven and spread some joy there too.

In memory of the most beautiful and grand old lady of cinema. (1912-2014)