Of Walls and Distances

We choose the quaint old coffee shop down the street;

Hoping that the faded paint on the walls;

The soft background of Kishore Kumar songs;

The aroma of freshly prepared coffee;

Wafting from the kitchens;

Will re-ignite the old embers of our relationship.

The old world feel has a magic of its own.

We sit across each other;

Arms not folded across;

Yet amidst so many barriers;

We look at each other deeply;

Trying to find the people whom we fell in love with.

You look at me with questions;

Every time you blink,

You silently ask, “When did we lose the plot?”

And I only have one answer;

It is just that I got too comfortable with your absence.

I clasped our memories in a fist;

Fearing that they will get lost;

But the passing time loosened my fist;

And our memories continued to slip;

It was a time of epiphany;

I realised I could love you the best when you are not around;

Our distance built a wall between us;

One brick at a time;

And now we sit in this coffee shop;

Hoping its walls break down our walls.


The Date

She had put on the lovely white dress. Its virgin like feel was always a private joke between them. The smoky eye look was thoroughly messed. Perfection does not come easy. Punctuality was never an issue with her, but she loved to make him wait. An anticipation filled smile was a great start to a memorable time. Continue reading