You know healing is not easy. The act of it requires you to stand up, gather yourself piece by piece and take a stride. The weight might affect your walk, but you have to keep trying and fighting. And that is what I am trying to do.

I had forgotten that I had ‘The Artist’s Way’ in my closet. And just yesterday, I discovered it again. I want to really give it a try. I am certain somewhere it will help me understand some things, if not everything. That is also some progress.

I abandon such initiatives a lot. But this time, I really want to give it a try? Do any of you want to give it a shot? Please do let me know in the comments.




My road is marked a lot more by stumbles than glorious sprints. This too was going to transition into another stumble; the horrible one where the feet get too comfortable with the familiarity of the ground than the mystery of the sky. However, I thought that let me run the course of these six circles. Let me continue waging a war against proportion that tries to restrict me to width and length and radius and diameters. Maybe one day, I will get to know this inner life state, which is waiting to be tapped. Maybe one day I will understand that my victory cannot be measured on someone else’s yardstick.


The Imperfect Bride

I am an imperfect bride,

Don’t want the perfect Red or White,

I revel in the Greys,

I don’t like my slate to be wiped clean,

I carry my scars on my chest,

I won’t cover my head,

I won’t cover my back,

I am as imperfect as perfect you want me to be.

I will be as crude as fine you want me to be,

I won’t change my name,

Hell, I won’t even let life pass in the kitchen.

There are roads to travel,

Words to write,

And so much more in this ever-changing world.

I will be as shameless as proper you want me to be,

Only because you want me to be a type,

I refuse to be one.

I will simply be the best version of myself,

For you, the worst. 😉