Free writing-Rant

Staring into the computer screen and churning thoughts, which I may not be able to say to anyone or to the people, who should know has become a forte of sorts. I am tired of being strong. Looking at the worries of my loved ones, I zip up. What can you already tell an over-burdened person who is trying to find balance with his or her baggage? When we begin something, our purpose might be something else, but looking at a contemporary who is succeeding, our purpose might evolve. The difference between the initial and the changed purpose is what actually leads to the agony and the pain. It lays foundation for the lingering discontent.

I have always wondered why is it that we read horoscope columns in our newspapers. It could be just for the fun of it, but for some, maybe they need to read those words. Maybe, they need to know that they will have a good day. Maybe, they need to be warned of a coming problem or a difficult situation. Maybe, they don’t hear these words too often from people around them and they need a horoscope to probably give them some solace. We are so connected to the world all the time, yet we will continue to walk alone.

Somehow, slow instrumental music has a way to calm the throbbing pain within. With so many ideas and so less time, which I know is what happens with everyone, you are just so tired all the time. We are told we should be strong and we should hold ourselves high, but it is such a tiring job. For a person who has done that all this while, people do need some respite.

A very great man passed away and whenever good people leave us, there is such a void they leave behind. You need not be famous to leave a void. I honestly don’t know why I am writing this. I am just so tired and sick of everything.


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