#OfficeHungerGames- Day 2

Climbing 4 floors 5 times isn’t a difficult task. The real difficulty lies in those few minutes before you are about to begin. The moment of contemplation wherein you may feel like quitting and going about your life the way it was before this challenge. The thought is quite tempting. But, well, in my case the ridicule and eating the piece of Chicken works well as a motivator, even if it is fear, it works. I chose to do my today’s task early morning itself and finished it in 8 minutes 42 seconds.

My workout was followed by a blasting pain in my ankles. It pained as if there was no tomorrow. The ‘dizzyish’ feeling was also frightening. However, as they say dark is always followed by light. In my case, it is Saturday and Sunday. Two days when I don’t have to do this challenge. With this challenge, my love for the weekends has increased much more than what is was already. 😛

P.S: So many delicacies that have to be avoided now. 😦


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