It was just a usual day at work. Well, actually no. I was really excited for the obvious reasons. New Year celebrations with best friends were about to happen after a really long time. The day was just getting along fine until my colleague Neha told me about her social experiment for 2015. She said that she will quit shopping for a year and she was quite determined to finish her experiment.

I was telling her about my procrastination when it came to jogging and she turned it into a challenge for me. She said that I should climb 4 floors from Monday to Friday 5 times a day at a stretch. If I fail to do so, I will have to pay \ Upasna, who was another colleague 10k and have a piece of Chicken.

Upasna’s challenge was to give up packaged food, which is quite a task. If she fails to do so, I get rich.  I get 10k.

With so much to lose and also the fact that I will have to eat Chicken, I agreed to take up the challenge because I know that day will never ever come.

Some other colleagues too have taken up challenges like quitting smoking, being clean shaven for the next 365 days et al at the cost of their salaries, iPhones et al.

So, at the stroke of midnight, we begin with our respective challenges till the midnight of 31st December, 2015.

So, here is to a coming year, which will be definitely filled with challenges of its own and with so much at stake, I am sure the #OfficeHungerGames challenge is going to be a lot of fun.

|| Let the games begin ||


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