Free writing

I am just sitting here and looking around everywhere in the hope that I may find something that gives me inspiration. I see a boy typing sweet nothings to his beloved. I see a girl deeply engrossed into her writing, yet my mind refuses to pick up anything poetic from these incidents. Thoughts are plummeting from my mind into this screen, yet they lack the finesse of seasoned writers. In the hope of upping my writing, I even updated my reading list, but my mind refuses to stay still and keeps wandering. I tried to think up of some poetic lines that are dipped in the ethereal ocean of romance, but the reek of lameness could not leave me. I still don’t know what to write about. I think this free writing exercise might do me some good, but in spite of it being free, I am still putting all the punctuation marks and it can never be a flow in that sense. However, this might not be a great read; it is a great way to just go on writing. Somewhere, there is hope that in these moving thoughts, I might find that one, which tingles the writer within me and I come up with a story or poem that will give me the peace, which I seek. But, this exercise is not easy. At times, I just wish to continue writing and sometimes, I want to stop. It has been rightly said that this exercise can lead to some kind of exhaustion.  You are writing continuously without pausing and not letting your mind stop, this has to take a toll. But, the romantic notion around this activity cannot be denied. In 20 minutes, you can describe just about everything. You can lend words to a droning day that seeks your attention with the challenges it is throwing your way. You can either up the charm of that cup of coffee that is more water and less caffeine. It is also responsible for the sleepy state that refuses to leave you despite the increasing empty coffee cups on your desk. The beauty of working is that sometimes your mind might think of everything else but work. I think this is the case at most of the places. Your mind tempts you in different ways. For instance, you might be waiting for a client approval and suddenly you conjure the image of your loved one and all you can think of is the time you spend with him or her in that cosy coffee shop down the street. You are staring into each other’s eyes and your hands are flirting with each other and are playfully escaping each other’s clasp. With thoughts like these, how can your mind be at work?  However, this is not true of many people. Some religiously devote whatever they have to their work, but sadly, after a long day, they might not have anything to go back to. It could be an empty house, some bottles of alcohol. But, happiness for them might not be complete in its truest sense. It is equally important that you deliver shades to your personality. You don’t want to be known simply as a workaholic. There needs to be more to you. You need to have the intrigue factor, which will help you. People will initiate conversations and will want to know more about you. But, mind it, you don’t want to become an open book. People will exploit you. It will seem as if they comfort you, but end of the day, they will enter the deepest spaces of your mind. They will take the little peace that you have and you will just end up wandering from person to person in the hope that you find that thing, which gave you peace and satisfaction. When you sit to write, your mind is going such places that you will be surprised at what all things you can come up with. It can be a dangerous thing, but you can also use it to your benefit. You can chart tragedies with your words, etch smiles that will never be forgotten, give some heart to people on days that they need it the most and show your magic as a writer to people, who need it the most. It is for these reasons that I always want to be in the field of writing. My words have the power to change people’s lives and who would not want such a power. It is a profession that helps you spin stories for a living and who wouldn’t want such a profession. If I have to talk of favourite writers, I think J.K. Rowling does a great job in writing stories. Their popularity has spanned a decade and continues to draw people with their charm. It is for this reason that the boy will always live and never die. He will be remembered by generations to come. You need to be a writer to understand this magic that ensues between the author and the reader once the book has hit the market.


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