I have no form. Nobody can even guess how I look like. That is the best part. Even my creator has no idea about my appearance.

People have always pounced on me. They call me the sole reason of their distress. But, have you given a thought to what your life would be, if I was not there. There wouldn’t have been any challenge for you to overcome. It would have been all easy and everything would have been served on a platter.

Still there are some mad souls who seek to find me. Let’s give you a clue. I am the gift you get when your close one dies. It is not a one-sided transaction you see. You lose some and you get some. This is just one of the ways where you can find me. Though, I have seen people going crazy when they are desperately trying to deal with me. Idiots! All of them.

Now once I am in your life, I will take away everything that has belonged to you. For instance, loved your boyfriend too much? I may just send in one of my rookies to come between both of you. Of course! You also make my job easy. With the thirst to stand up on your feet, by suppressing your grief and supposedly trying to be all strong, you make it so much easier for me to penetrate…your mind!

Now all of you call me a villain. But, when you overcome all this, you come out much stronger. I am there for a purpose. I am like that bitter medicine you need at times to find yourself and all the philosophical crap. However, there is a catch. If you cannot deal with me, you will be forever stuck in the rut. I am like quicksand. If you find your way out, good for you. But, if not, then God bless you with all the illusions I will show you.


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