Moving on.

Moving on…

These two words, simple as they seem, hold various connotations for different people. To some it could mean going away from a particular person whereas to others it might mean letting go a part of life. As I said, it seems similar, but there is a lot of subjectivity here. A friend’s story shed more light on the complexities revolving around moving on. Here it is: 

She knew that they were just opposites meant to be for a while. A happy ending with him seemed as impossible as Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket forever. Forever is not even possible. It is just a glorified term in literature and cinema. He chose his way out, so did she. However, she was still trapped in those memories. She thought that she had left it all behind. But, somewhere she had kept it with her because she did not want to lose the good memories, ironically.

She had embraced the present along with some traces of the past. It is these traces that had not freed her. There were times when the weak moments got the better of her. Being the timid person that she was, breaking relationships, thinking for herself et al was not her cup of tea.  

In trying to keep everything around her together, in maintaining a cordial relationship, she had forgotten the most important one. The one with herself. She owed this step to herself. She owed this peace to herself. She owed this smile to herself.

She was living in a present that was fractured by the wounds of her past. Unknowingly, she had done herself a lot of harm. She needed this conversation that would redeem her, that would free her, that would make her come alive once again.

It may have given him a jolt of shock or maybe nothing, but beneath all that anger, she was happy that he had found his happy ending. She was even happier knowing that she was attempting to find herself once again and finding her way towards her special ending.

This was possible only because she had realised that the most significant and the challenging relationship was the one she could have with herself.Carrie Bradshaw after all did leave her with something meaningful. 😉 




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