A ‘Dove’y Affair

So on a Friday afternoon, when I am just staring into my laptop trying to come up with a line (Words do love to play nice chase and seek games with writers. Sadistic pleasures! ) an email from the IndiBlogger team pops up inviting me to a Play Date with Dove. (MY FIRST IB MEET!)


I cannot even put down in words the amount of times I must have jumped after reading this mail. (Mother’s weird looks were not at all an obstruction to the sudden spurt of joy that had pervaded my life. Such is the power of a mail from the IndiBlogger team).

On May 11, I arrive at J W Marriot at 3:30 pm sharp (Excitement ensures that punctuality does not suffer) dressed in white along with some navy blue (White was the dress code!) expecting to see a friend that I had been introduced to just a day before the meet. (Thank heavens! I knew someone before the meet. The introvert in me does hamper with my so called latent ‘social’ skills).

We entered the hall and at the registration desk we were given a nice treasure hunt kind of a map filled with all the halls where the activities will take place, along with their sequence team wise and a band with a team number.  After the registrations, we had to click a selfie. ( A long ooookkkkkkk alert! Selfies don’t really show the best of my expressions, but I tried it along with my friend. It was not as disastrous as I had expected it to be).


That’s me in the right!

The event kick started in this beautiful hall decorated with some amazing round coloured lanterns. (The giggling ladies, flashing cameras and the laughter everywhere were just an indication towards a mind blowing evening that we were all going to be part of).


The lovely lighting!

Anoop from the IndiBlogger team did a nice introduction session where some freebies were won by a lucky few. ( Damn! Hard luck. Missed it). He also introduced us to the lovely host for the evening, Freishia (Stunning dress and super cool heels!)

I must say that the IndiBlogger and Dove team loves gifting. We were told some other ways too through which we could win some cool prizes. One was to live tweet the event and keep being social about it and the second to click pictures with the mysterious Dove girls, dressed in white in different halls where the activities were being conducted. (Such white, much confusion, awesome identification problems!)

We were all divided into 12 teams, mine being ‘The Bun Games.’ We had a nice warm up session too wherein we formed two circles. A team’s inner circle had to go clockwise and the outer one, counter clock wise, whilst the music being played in the background. Once it stopped, we were asked to do some fun activities, like imitating a particular emoticon on the card or putting a badge on the person in front of us with an adjective written describing her. It was a lot of fun.

Now, I have pretty decent dancing skills, and though I keep claiming that I have outgrown my dancing days (Read: Lie), I was pretty excited when the Zumba activity came up. Two of these girls came up on the stage, and we had to imitate their moves. When the music started, boy did they burn the stage or what?

It was quite an exhilarating and a breathless experience (Note to self: Schedule time for exercise in a time table that is already falling short of the given 24 hours).

Now, it was time to get going and begin our set of activities. The first one was ‘The Puzzle Mania.’ The condition was that the teams enter the activity venue together. Each got 1000 points. (Wow! I liked the sound of that).Three teams would do one activity together.  A huge puzzle was divided into three parts. Each team was supposed to complete one part each and form a huge picture. My team was quite quick in completing our part. It was fun scrambling here and there to get all the pieces quick, to move on to the next activity.

We then proceeded to Have a Ball (Pun intended!) That was the name of our next activity and we certainly had one. Three players had to enter a ball pit and gather the Dove balls and throw them in the two buckets held by the two respective team mates. I must say that my flexibility issues came to the fore when I had to do all the bending, and literally slipped while picking those white Dove balls. (Have a nice balance sense when you step into a ball pit barefoot).



Attention+ excellent aiming skills= many more balls

Meanwhile, to my joy, we found one of the Dove girls and at least got an idea how they would be dressed.


A happy snap with our first Dove Girl ( Fourth from the right)

Our next activity was Hips Don’t Lie ( How I wish this was something dancing related). We had to spin the Hoola Hoop, and that time I realised how important are such skills in such events. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun spinning that tube around myself that was refusing to be on me for more than a quarter of a second.

However, to add to my increasing joy that was limitless with every passing second, I was able to spot another Dove girl.


Team ‘The Bun Games’ with the Dove girl ( Third from the left)

Now pre my IndiBlogger meet, I had wanted a new hairstyle and I guess, Dove and IndiBlogger chose to be my genies and helped me grant my wish. In the next activity, Hair Play, some hair styles were given and the team mates would style the other members of the team as per that. I chose the chair as I cannot boast about my ‘awesome’ skills at pinning and styling hair. This is a part of what my team mates came up with, and I must say, it was quite impressive, considering the limited time frame.


Awesome new hair-dos

Another activity that was in store for all of us was ‘Be the bartender.’ It was conducted by a handsome bartender. It was quite bollywoodish considering the location was by the pool and a strong wind was blowing. Ladies definitely could not get their eyes off him when he began explaining the art behind making a drink. ( Me included *winks*)

The task was that one team member from each team had to make a drink and up for grab were salon vouchers worth Rs 1500 for EVERY TEAM MEMBER of the winning team ( Woah quite a pressure filled situation!) In spite of not winning this activity, I had a wonderful time. ( Courtesy: The bartender)

Coming to the ‘bestest’ ( I know that is not a word, but it is perfect to describe my excitement) part of the event, ‘THE DOVE SALON.’ It was a super arrangement by Dove and Indiblogger where we all could literally let our hair down and get a style of our choice. Some of the ladies even chose to get their tresses trimmed and get a fabulous new look for the awards distribution. After all, the playing comes with a price and we need a nice dose of pampering. I must say it was quite a thoughtful gesture.

We were also given a beautiful hamper from Dove. And when I call it awesome, you literally need to see it to believe me.


Hamper of happiness

Yet again, I cannot describe the number of somersaults that my heart did on receiving this wonderful hamper. IndiBlogger and Dove definitely know the secret to a woman’s happiness. (In this case, definitely not Diamonds.)

A shampoo, conditioner, hair straightener, a beautiful hair pin and a super awesome t-shirt! Wow this could go down in my life history as the best days I have ever lived. I guess my fate knew that my bad hair days are coming to an end and my knight in shining armour, Dove saved me and how!

I have a major problem with different brands that promise big, but do not even deliver close to small, leave big. My optimism ceases to exist when it comes to hair care and these brands using sugar coated hollow words to convince consumers to buy their products. Thankfully, Dove has been a life saviour for me. It has infused a new life into my limp tresses.

The strong combination of Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner along with Keratin Actives have worked like magic on my hair (And after watching Harry Potter, people say that magic does not exist *hmph*).


The magical pair

After a wash, the best part is the fragrance, which does not fade away. The softness of the hair is another factor that adds to the ‘must-haveness’ quotient of this shampoo and conditioner from Dove. And yes, my hair fall problem seemed unconquerable, but now I have the weapon that will deal with my tiniest and biggest hair related issue. Because of the Keratin actives, a person with just about any hair type can use this shampoo for themselves and see the results for themselves.

If you have been in the conquest for the search of that one shampoo and a conditioner that will end your hair woes, you should turn towards Dove Intense Repair. It will give your lovely tresses the pampering they deserve and tackle your problems to the last root of your scalp.

So, Ladies continue the playing without any fear because Dove has your back, and it is all taken care of.

To know more about what Dove Intense Repair will do for your hair, read http://www.dove.in/en/Products/Hair-Care/Shampoo/Intense-Repair-Shampoo.aspx

On an ending note, I would like to thank Team IndiBlogger and Dove for arranging one of the most wonderful evenings. The memories of my first Play Date with Dove will always be dear to me and I am looking forward to much more ‘awesomeness.’




2 thoughts on “A ‘Dove’y Affair

  1. Congratulations on winning 🙂 LOVE your Harry Potter reference. I’ve just got back from a 4 day long special preview of Diagon Alley in Universal, Orlando resort and just working on a tonne of review posts. Always love finding a fellow blogger who loves HP too 😀

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