They were completely lost,

They had never felt so alone,

Stringed together by her emotions,

They needed her presence,

She gave them a purpose,

An identity,

They were in an alien world,

A place where they were not valued,

A place where ‘shift+del’ determined their fate,

Recycle bin was the only other option,

A life far worse than oblivion,

They were at a place,

Where they were just some scribbling on the paper,

Some typed combinations on the screen.

The new owner’s mechanical mind,

Could not comprehend their aesthetic beauty,

They were the carriers of stories,

That had spread smiles,

Some had led to cathartic tears,

There was no coming back,

Forced oblivion was their fate,

Far away, she had bid her farewell to them,

Her strength had been taken away,

Her words were lost,

A part of her was gone, forever.



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