R for ….

She was excited. First day at preschool, she already felt like a big girl. Mother had made her breakfast and her uniform looked crisp and neat. Ready for her big day, tiny steps trotted eagerly towards the school gate.

He was staring at her from across the window. He just wanted her. The thrill and the high were infectious.

The lesson for the day was A to Z. She was quite an expert. The teacher was quite happy to have her in class.

The class had dispersed for a short break.

Meanwhile, she was returning from the washroom. Neatness lover that she was, she could not handle any stain on her clothes, even if it were a single toned uniform.

He was taking quiet steps. Creeping in was his forte. The startled look, thinking escalating to fear, he quite liked the transformation.

She entered the classroom and was about to join her pals, when she saw him looking at her keenly. At first, she did not bother. She was about to leave with her tiffin when he rushed and shut the door. The blinds were already down. Her retreating footsteps brought out his sinister smile.

After 15 minutes,

She had learnt a new lesson: R for Rape. Image


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