Beyond the Blue

Life without Facebook,

Yes! I just said the unthinkable,

Of course! The statement is subjective,

And applicable to some,

Whose day starts and ends at Facebook.

At first, this may seem a daunting thought,

But the delights of such a life are numerous,

You may get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise,

Instead of the usual Blue screen on your phone,

You may actually enjoy the sound of chirping birds,

Instead of the constant pings

That call for your attention,

You may actually enjoy a conversation,

With your whole hearted attention in it,

Rather than multi-tasking.

It is really not cool.

You may get plenty of ‘fraand’ requests,

But the real ones may just be a few.

So, get off that screen,

And take a walk,

Nature’s beauty is much more appealing

Than the lure of this Blue devil.



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